Monday, December 29, 2008

Re: Latest Update

Well, finally it is here.  Sorry theree are no pictures on this one, and it is going to be short due to having to share the computer with a whole to of people who want to communicate back home.  But, in a nutshell, we are on our way home.  About a third of our hospital left in Mid-December, our replacements arrived about a week after that.  The we finally got to leave the walls that have confined us for the past 15 months late on Christmas day.  But fully decked out with Christmas hats, and plenty of good cheer to be getting out of there, we hopped a ride on some Chinooks (really big helicopters) and flew over to BIAP (Baghdad Airport).  In typical Army fashion of 'Hurry up and wait', we then sat around the airport until late last night when we flew off on some C-17s and arrived here in Kuwait (one giant pile of sand and porta-potties) early this morning.  We should be out of here in a day or two!  Then finally back to New Jersey and the girls about a week after that.  Despite the propect of returning to the state of New Jersey (sorry Lavemen), I am pretty damn excited.  As are most people.  Thankfully traveling with a good group of friends makes the torture the Army dishes out a little more tolerable.  It is hard to believe in a little over a week, this group of people who became my friends and family will scatter back to all over the world.  Some back to Hawaii, Texas, Germany, wherever.  There is a strong bond between us that I will truly treasure, but I am very happy to see farewell to them.  At least in the short term.  So I will update the blog with the final pics when we get back to the US.
I hope you are all doing well and are planning for a great New Year.  I know I am!  Thank you all for the support you have given me and the girls over the past 15 months;  and the support for the soldiers you see on a daily basis.  Those kids that are out there on the front lines, literally living in holes in the ground - have become my heros.  So thank one if you pass one on the street. 
Can't wait to see you all.

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